Children's Stories


The quest for candy has become an unending pursuit. Yet one house on their route is off limits. Is the challenge to love a neighbor too much?

Synopsis for Valentine

This modern-day retelling of a old Valentine's Day tradition focuses on four siblings and their pursuit of candy. When the youngest for the four siblings wants to go visit the one house on the street that has been labeled as off limits, her older siblings tell her stories of the monster that lives there.

When their parents finally get wind of the farse that their children have spun and scaring their little sister into beleive that there is a monster there, Mom prepares a plate of cookies for them to deleiver the following day after school.


Moral Storytelling

Stories with morals are a part of many cultural traditions. We think that they have a place in mass media also.

You Have a Part

If you've ever wondered "Why aren't there more good movies?" then let's visit. We each have a part to play in changing things for the better.