The Decision

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The Decision

Faced with a decision to look or not look, three friends' encounter with an inappropriate magazine catches them off guard.

Synopsis for The Decision

This short animation addresses the topic of pornography with a positive message that kids can make the right decision to avoid it. The film depicts three friends that stumble upon a pornographic magazine on their way home for ice cream. Because of its simple-style animation, it is designed to not arouse inappropriate emotions. Instead, this short film helps to prepare children for when they will have to make that decision for themselves.

The original story, from which "The Decision" is adapted, first appeared in the Friend magazine, a monthly children's publication of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and uses LDS Church doctrines about the sanctity of the body to reinforce the message of the film. At the same time, one of the strongest unspoken messages in the film is that parents need to be at the crossroads of their children's lives – not necessarily at the moment of decision, but definitely at home when encouragement to be strong is needed most.

"The Decision" both shows how important the parent-child interaction is in combating pornography and opens wide the door for parents to have meaningful conversations about this otherwise difficult topic. It also shows how positive reinforcement helps when correct decisions are made. Most importantly, it shows that kids can make the right decision. The film leaves a sense of hope in dealing with an otherwise very serious issue.


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