Privacy Policy

Patrons (users and visitors) of the website (hereafter referred to as "the website") can expect that following privacy rights when interacting with the website.

A patron to the website may elect to voluntarily create an account to enhance the experience. The patron grants to Sun Swing the right to record and keep record of the patron's personal information when creating an account to allow for a more customized experience.

The following information is collected automatically when a patron visit the website through the use of third-party analtyics tracking software:

  • The city, region, and country in which the patron connected to the Internet to access the website.
  • The type of device (desktop computer or mobile device), the operating system on that computer, and the web browser used by the patron to access the website.
  • The length of the visit on the website, what pages were visited, and other unique data that illustrates ways in which the patron interacted with the website.

Yet with all of this information, the patron's personal identity is not directly associated or linked with these interactions and it is not possible for such an association to be made through the third party through whom the analytics software is provided.

No personal information which may be given, recorded, or collected on the website will be voluntarily given or resold to third party vendors or other interested parties for advertizing purposes or otherwise. Sun Swing may use personal information collected on the website to gauge activity on the website and to make informed decisions to improve services offered on the website from time to time.

While this document has not been drafted by a legal professional, Sun Swing intends to enforce and abide by the policies explained herein as far as it is reasonably possible.

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