We All Have a Part to Play

If any one of us is waiting for a major movie to come on board with time-tested traditional family/moral values, it seems that we'll have better odds of watching a popcicle freeze in the Arizona desert. (It does happen, but only rarely.) Soberly though, many are hoping and praying for something better.

What Can You Do Now?

Make a Movie

Moral stories abound, and it only takes the willingness to see the world for what it is. "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." Need more prodding?

Spread the Word

Really, we're not too worried about this. We like what we're doing, and think other people will too.

Pledge Your Support

Still feeling a little too timid to make a movie or tell your friends about this? Pledge your support with a reoccurring monthly donation or a one-time gift.

Moral Storytelling

Stories with morals are a part of many cultural traditions. We think that they have a place in mass media also.

You Have a Part

If you've ever wondered "Why aren't there more good movies?" then let's visit. We each have a part to play in changing things for the better.